Regional workshop for opening of PROTEUS project


Croatian herpetological society – HYLA and the Croatian biodiversity institute are starting to implement a project called ''PROTEUS – The Olm Conservation Project''. The olm is an endemic species of amphibian inhabiting the subterranean freshwater habitats of the Dinaric karst. It is the only real subterranean vertebrate. Data on the distribution of the olm, and general knowledge about the ecology and biology of these animals is rare despite being the most recognizable representative of endemic underground fauna. This project will determine the exact distribution of the species, population status in Croatia and causes of threat to be able to begin the implementation of appropriate measures for its protection.


On the occasion of the start of the project, a regional workshop was organised titled "The Olm, Proteus anguinus in Croatia - Conservation Action Plan". The workshop will be held  September 4th 2012 at ‘’Frankopan’’ hotel in Ogulin. The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, France and Great Britain who will through lectures exchange knowledge and working experience of this unique species.

It is significant that the workshop is held in Ogulin, the town below which the olm lives. Below the town of Ogulin (and the hotel ‘’Frankopan’’) there is a pit that represents one of the habitats of this significant karst endemic species. At the same time the pit is one of the most significant karst phenomenon in Croatia, however today due to pollution this sensitive system is highly endangered.

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