PROTEUS workshop in Ogulin 2012

On September 4th 2012. in ''Frankopan'' Hotel in Ogulin, a successful international workshop on the topic of starting the PROTEUS project was held. Experts from the surrounding areas and region attended.

The workshop started with an introductory lecture by the mayor of city of Ogulin, g. Nikola Magdić, g. Davorin Marković, principal of the State Department for Nature Protection and the director of the project g. Dušan Jelić.


After the introduction followed the lectures, in a pleasant atmosphere, of the top experts in this field who work on olm for years like professor. Ph. D.. Boris Sket with the Biotechnology Faculty in Ljubljana. While the population status and distribution of olm in Croatia was approached by mr. Sc. Eduard Kletečki, the research in Bosnia and Herzegovina was presented by Emina Sunje and Gergely Balázs, and Ph. D.. Judit Voros with the Natural History Museum in Budapest and colleague Peter Kovač Konrad from the DZZP were talking about the PROTEUS project.


The workshop was successful in taking the first steps for region-wide cooperation in order to together make every effort to collect data and protect the olm.

Photographs from the workshop are available on Facebook:


We visited Đulin ponor in the centre of Ogulin in which we can find the olm. It is a 40m deep pit in which the river and flood water of Dobra flow when the water level increases. Đulin ponor is the largest entrance to the Đula – Medvednica cave system, comprising of over 16km long canals.








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