Did you know?

The olm is number 18. on the EDGE TOP 100 list of amphibians

EDGE of existance is a ZSL (Zoological Society of London) conservation program. EDGE (evolutionarily distinct and globally endangered species) is an abbreviation indicating evolutionary distinct and globally endangered species, and is a program that is directed towards the protection and conservation of endangered species that are unique to its evolution. EDGE is indicative of species that are the most beautiful, but also representatives of the strangest form of life on planet Earth. Such species have few related species and are often unusual in appearance, lifestyle and so on. They represent unique and irreplaceable specimens in nature. The goal of the EDGE program is to put these unique species on the map in order to initiate actions that will ensure their survival.


Amphibians of the world are very vulnerable and 32% of them are on the globally threatened list of animals. Only 12% of birds and 23% of mammals are on the same list. Half of the known species of amphibians are dropping in numbers, and a 165 species are already probably extinct.


As you can see, the olm (Proteus anguinus) is listed at a high 18th place.




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